The Horsehead Nebula

Date: 21 August 2009
Location: My back garden in suburban London
Exposure: 12 * 10min at ISO 100
Telescope: Celestron C11 with F6.3 reducer on Skywatcher EQ6 mount.
Camera: Modified Canon EOS 350D
Guiding: Celestron SLT 130 with unmodified SPC900 webcam
Filters: Astronomik CLS filter
Processing: Stacked in IRIS, 4x4 binned and asinh range adjustment applied.
Comments: Another attempt at the Horsehead Nebula. This time using my old Celestron SLT 130 as a guidescope with a SPC900 webcam.
Also, this is my first photo using an Astronomik CLS filter. It was impossible to ged rid of the background gradients.