The Heart Nebula

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Date: 8 November 2009
Location: My back garden in suburban London
Exposure: 16 x 10 minutes
Telescope: Skywatcher ED80 with William Optics MkII 0.8x reducer on Skywatcher EQ6 mount.
Camera: Peltier-cooled and H-alpha modified Canon EOS 350D
Guiding: Nikkor 300mm lens with x2 teleconverter & modified Toucam webcam.
Filters: 12nm Astronomik Ha clip filter
Processing: Stacked in IRIS and asinh range compression applied. 2x2 binned. Cropped.
Comments: This is the first light of my DIY peltier-cooled Canon. The image is converted to grey scale since only the red channel has any data.