M42 - The Orion Nebula and NGC1977 Running Man Nebula

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Date: 22 December 2009
Location: My back garden in surburban London.
Exposure: 39 x 5min + 4 x 1min + 15 x 4sec at ISO 800
Telescope: Skywatcher ED80 with William Optics MkII 0.8x focal reducer on Skywatcher EQ6 mount.
Camera: Modified Canon EOS 350D
Guiding: Nikkor 300mm lens with x2 teleconverter & modified Toucam webcam.
Filters: IR/UV and Astronomik CLS filter
Processing: HDR (high dynamic range) image created, asinh dynamic range compression. Finally it was 2x2 binned and cropped.
Comments: Snow on the ground resulted in high background sky glow.