Full Moon - The closest full moon of 2010

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Date: 29 January 2010
Location: My back garden in suburban London
Exposure: Mosaic of 9 pieces. Each piece built from 30 exposures of 1/1000sec at ISO 200.
Telescope: Celestron C11 with F6.3 reducer.
Camera: Canon 350D at ISO 200
Guiding: Unguided.
Filters: IR/UV filter
Processing: This is a mosaic of 9 pieces (because the corrected image circle of the Celestron C11 is not large enough). Each piece is created from 30 exposures of 1/1000sec at ISO 200 which are stacked in AviStack and then scaled to 2/3 before being deconvolved. The mosaic of 9 pieces was then assembled in Photoshop.
Comments: Some parts are less sharp than others due to variations in seeing during the course of image acquisition.