Milky Way

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Date: 24 Jul 2012
Location: High Halden, Kent
Exposure: 15 x 200 sec at ISO 800
Lens: 35mm Nikon lens at F4
Camera: H-alpha modified Canon EOS 400D on Celestron CG5 mount
Guiding: None
Filters: None
Processing: Stacked in IRIS and asinh range compression applied. Scaled by 2/3
Comments: Data acquired in 2012 but processed only this year! I've subtracted as much light pollution as possible but that has the effect of "amplifying" the red glow at the bottom. The stars at the bottom of the image have not stacked properly because of differential atmospheric refraction between the subs. The smeared cluster M6 at the bottom of the image is only 5deg above the horizon. So there's a lot wrong with the image but I still like it.