Mark's Useful Links

Organisations and Societies
    Orpington Astronomical Society

Weather and Seeing Forecasts
    Met Office Weather (SE England)
    Unisys Weather (useful for seeing)
    Meteoblue - "myMap Server" gives Seeing Forecast
    Sat24 - which way is that cloud heading?
    Norwegian Met Institute

Light Pollution Maps
    Light pollution map of France and S. England

Useful Software
    IRIS - a powerful processing package
    PHD Guiding

CCD Sensors - QE and Noise
    Terry Lovejoy - EOS 300D estimate
    Terry Lovejoy - DSLR readout noise
    Christian Buil - QE & noise for various Canons

Focal Reducers
    Saratoga Skies - Focal Reducers test for Skywatcher ED80
DIY Filter Replacement for Canon DSLR
    Ash's 350D page
    Gary Honis' 300D page
    Terry Lovejoy 300D page
    Gary Honis' 450D page

DIY Peltier Cooling for Canon DSLR
    Andy Strappazzon's water cooled 350D
    Gary Honis "Beer Cooler"
    Anat Ruangrassamee 450D Hyper-mod
    Central DS professional 350D mod
   And not forgetting my own version: Mark's 350D mod

Transmission Curves for Filters
    Christian Buil - Filter Comparisons
    Lumicon - Filter Profiles
    Baader - Filter Profiles
    Astronomik - Datasheets
    Astrononik CLS Filter
    Astronomik UHC Filter
    Astronomikl UHC-E Filter